How many times have you thought, “I’d like to give something back to the community,” or attended an event and thought, “I could help with that!” and then moved on to the next thing on your list? Time is one of the single resources each of us receives in the same amount. And, as one that can’t be replenished, it is often the most valued. So, to give a few hours of your time each month is one of the greatest contributions that you could make to BWSF.

Further, because the time you spend working with a young person, or helping BWSF to further its mission, is time that yields dividends - it’s also an investment.

What are some of the ways that you could invest your time?

  • Serve as a liaison to coordinate a BWSF activity in your community – a community center or school would be ideal
  • Help organize a fundraiser or networking event
  • Staff a BWSF table at a community gathering or professional conference
  • Volunteer as a mentor, tutor, facilitator, or coach with one of our programs*
  • Or . . . ? Contact us and let’s discuss your ideas!

BWSF is looking for individuals who are interested in working with us to carry out the Foundation's mission to provide academic enhancement and healthy living activities to at-risk youth through integrating sports, particularly non-traditional sports, healthy living practices, and education.

Whether it's one of the above or another opportunity, a positive hand helps to change a life for the better. Interested? Don’t move on to that next thing on your list; instead email us at info@blackwomeinsport.org or if you would like to share your information with us, visit the contact us page, and let’s match your interest to a BWSF program or need.