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Since its inception, the Black Women in Sport Foundation (BWSF) has offered educational and athletic instruction to girls, with aparticular focus on those attending schools located in disenfranchised neighborhoods in the Philadelphia area. While the sports of fencing, tennis, lacrosse, field hockey, golf, soccer and softball are areas of specialization, they are not the only sports utilized in our programs. Equipment needed to participate in BWSF is provided to students.

Our staff members are trained to work with youth from pre-k to high school. Designed to empower girls to develop healthy self images and strong self esteem, we utilize a three-prong approach to academic instruction and sports education: After-school and Summer Programming; University Student Mentors; and Professional Athletic and Educational Support Program.

After-School and Summer Programming

Strong self-esteem is a positive deterrent against the use of drugs and alcohol and other self-destructive behaviors. BWSF programs, which promote healthy lifestyles while helping to increase sport skills competency and enhancing academics and learning, contribute to the development of healthy self images and self esteem. We see students gain in their sense of themselves and their interactions with peers and others. The hard work necessary to reach this point is integrated into fun athletic activities such as tennis, fencing, lacrosse, soccer, and other self- motivating and team-building sports. In addition, four comprehensive academic enrichment and life-skills programs provide the balance needed for the whole-child complement:

• Amazing Grace 

There is an old saying, "if you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there." Goal setting is essential for progress, growth and development. Using the Amazing Grace curriculum, students are guided through the processes of goal setting and decision making as a means for future success. Teaching themes include: goal setting and problem solving; self-esteem; skill development; health, sports, and physical fitness; career opportunities in sports and fitness; and trailblazing, with a corresponding videotape is narrated by sportscaster Robin Roberts.

• Exploring the Science of Sports

Nationwide, boys outnumber girls nearly 3-to-1 in proficiency in science and math. BWSF helps to promote girls’ interest in these subjects through the lens of sport. Whether learning about velocity, pressure, motion, kinesthetic energy, or other aspects of tennis, lacrosse and fencing, this approach offers a way to view these important subjects that is tangible and more readily applicable. Through their required journaling, students also strengthen their reading and writing skills. The movie, "After the Whistle Blows" was created to be used as a teaching tool with the curriculum. The Exploring the Science of Sports curriculum is aligned with Philadelphia Public School District standards and benchmarks for math and science.

• Safety Nets

Using a sports-themed "hook" and facilitators that teach lessons in the classroom and on the field, the Safety Nets curriculum has proven itself an effective life skills program. Created by BWSF and Starfinder through a grant from the Philadelphia Collaborative Violence Prevention Center, Safety Nets was designed to address violence prevention in a variety of ways including: conflict resolution, confidence building, diversity appreciation and acceptance, character education, leadership skills development, and positive decision-making.

• Go Girl Go

The Go Girl Go! Project (GGG) curriculum alerts girls to the dangers of health risk behaviors and the avoidance of destructive behaviors. Created by the Women's Sports Foundation, GGG is illustrated through the personal experiences of champion female athletes, and covers a range of concerns including anti-drug use. BWSF uses GGG to save lives, as we help girls work concerns such as peer pressure, stress, and drug use, in a shared and safe environment.

BWSF’s After School Programs are held at Methodist Services for Children and Families, Philadelphia schools and recreation centers. Days and times vary for each location. Contact us directly for information on enrollment into one of our fun, skills-building, and personally rewarding programs!

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